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Contact Stuart Reilly (nizels@hotmail.com) with any queries.

NOTE - Orders need to be WITH STUART by Tuesday 8th November 2011 at the very latest.

(For specifics on kit design etc, click HERE)


Dear Hillingdon Triathlete Members,
Please find below details of how to order club kit. If you have any questions please feel free to email me, but please read all of the details carefully as everything you need to know will hopefully be explained.
I would also ask if you are aware of any members not on the distribution list, please send the email to them & I would also ask that you please mention to all of your friends in the club about the order to make sure they got the email. I do not want to miss anyone & maybe my member email list is not fully up to date.
Club Kit Ordering Details
1. We are looking at about 6-8 weeks from this date to actually getting the kit back and I will try to get the order back to us and out to you ASAP.
2. You will have until Tuesday 8th November to get your order back into me - that is the deadline for kit orders

3. There will only be 2 ways to get the order to me and that is 1) to post it to me - I will advise address below. 2) I will collect all sealed envelopes at the 20.00 club swim on Wednesday 2nd November - I will be at pool side at 19.45 to collect them.

You will need to have your orders in the post by Thursday 3rd November at the latest.

Or be at the club swim at 19.45 on Wednesday 2nd November with your sealed envelopes.

4. I will need your completed order form along with a cheque for the total cost of the order written out to 'Hillingdon Triathletes' - orders will not be accepted without a cheque for the full cost. (Cheques may be accepted without orders..I will not accept any cash please... 

5. Feel free to email me with any questions about the kit & I will do my best to answer. Also consider discussing with other members who have kit if you want to view it or get an idea of sizing. I have found that the kit comes up as very standard i.e I buy medium in club kit and medium if I buy kit from anywhere else. You also have the option of emailing the retailer yourself in relation to sizing questions - they are helpful. I will also attach the sizing details with this email.
6. The kit is subsidised by the club, i.e you will pay less for the kit than the club pays to the retailer. The discount is actually quite substantial.
7. Regarding the order form, it is straight forward, write your
a) Your name b) Your Phone no. c) Your email address on it & write the quantity you want in the field that defines the actual item and size. Put that in an envelope with a cheque made out to 'Hillingdon Triathletes'. ( I know I wrote that bit twice..) & send it to the below address or bring it to the swim mentioned above.
Post orders to :
Stuart Reilly
20 Frampton Court
Denham Green Lane
See 2 attachments - the order form and the sizing details.

Ok, I think that covers everything - get ordering and posting ASAP.......! 

Stuart Reilly